McCormick's Preventative Maintenance Plan

Keeping up with your HVAC equipment can be a hassle! Let McCormick Heating & Cooling take the hard work off your hands. When you sign up for our preventative plan, you’ll receive yearly inspections on your systems and a whole bunch of other amazing discounts! With full safety inspections, one of our professional HVAC technicians can identify and solve any existing problems with your system BEFORE they escalate or break down. Well-maintained systems run more efficiently, meaning that they consume less energy and fuel.

What's Included in a Full Safety Inspection?

ALL packages include a 22-point inspection during each Full Safety Inspection:

  1. Clean & Adjust Burner Assembly
  2. Clean Ignition Assembly
  3. Examine Heat Exchanger
  4. Monitor Refrigerant Pressure
  5. Test Starting Capabilities
  6. Test Safety Controls
  7. Check Air Filters & Grills
  8. Check Blower Components
  9. Measure & Monitor Air Flow
  10. Tighten Electrical Connections
  11. Measure Volt/Amps
  12. Check Aux Heat Kit
  13. Lubricate All Moving Parts
  14. Adjust Thermostat Calibration
  15. Check & Inspect Evaporator Coil
  16. Clean Condenser Coil
  17. Clean Condensate Drains
  18. Measure Temperature Difference
  19. Adjust Gas Pressure if Needed
  20. Check Flame & Pilot
  21. Monitor AC & Heating Cycles
  22. Check Duct Work
Investment Silver Gold Platinum
Yearly Investment $150 $324 $495
Monthly Payments - $29.95 $45.95
Repair Discount - 10% 15%
Diagnostic Fee Savings 10% 15% 20%
Priority Status Normal Expedited Expedited
After Hours Fee $125 $75 $0
Full Safety Inspection 1 Heating OR 1 Cooling 1 Heating AND 1 Cooling 1 Heating AND 1 Cooling
Rinse Cooling Coils (Water Only) -
Chemically Clean Cooling Coils - -
Test Gas Pressure or Refrigerant Pressures
Clean Drain Line
Filter Replacement - At Inspection (Twice/Year) At Inspection (Quarterly)
Blower Cleaned (As Needed) - -
Burners Cleaned (As Needed) - -

* This is a planned yearly maintenance contract provided to you by McCormick Heating & Cooling. You will select your choice of the yearly fee or the monthly payments for 12 months. By signing, you authorize McCormick Heating & Cooling to process your card provided on the agreed upon date(s). | If one-time yearly payment is chosen, the card will be processed on the date of signing. | If monthly payment is chosen, the card will be processed on the date of signing every month. | Your yearly contract will auto-renew on the date of signing. To cancel your yearly contract, you must give a 30-day written notice to McCormick Heating & Cooling. | If your card is declined, you will have 5 days to make the payment to keep contract terms.

Pricing Options

Silver Package

$ 150.00 Yearly
  • Monthly Payment Option
  • Diagnostic Fee Savings: 10%
  • Repair Discount

Gold Package

$ 324.00 Yearly
  • Monthly Option: $29.95
  • Diagnostic Fee Savings: 15%
  • Repair Discount: 10%

Platinum Package

$ 495.00 Yearly
  • Monthly Option: $45.95
  • Diagnostic Fee Savings: 20%
  • Repair Discount: 15%