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More often than not, we find that our customers have not prepared ahead of time for the inevitable costs that come with HVAC maintenance, repairs, and replacements. That’s why McCormick is proud to offer free HVAC estimates both in person and virtually!

In order to provide a better understanding of the industry-wide price ranges, we have included price range estimates for the services we offer. Scroll through this page to get a sense of the possible costs to come. The data from each price gauge has been collected and compiled from multiple sources across the state of Colorado and is intended to be used as an approximation, not a guaranteed price range. The price gauges are based off an approximate range from $500 to $15,000. It’s important to call McCormick to get an appropriate quote tailored to you, your needs, your home, and various other factors.

Ready to get an accurate heating and cooling quote? Call us and our team will provide an honest and competitive price so you can prepare for future costs ahead of time.

AC Replacement & Installation Quotes

Average AC System Replacement & New Installation Cost

The cost of AC systems can vary depending on a number of factors. For more information on estimates for AC system replacement and new installation costs, call McCormick Heating & Cooling!

Home AC Coil Replacement & Installation Costs

While home AC coil replacement and installation costs are fairly low, it’s important to call us ahead of time to get a fair and accurate estimate.

Evaporator and Swamp Cooler Installation & Replacement Cost

Looking to install a new evaporator or swamp cooler for the summer season? Call McCormick Heating & Cooling to receive a free estimate on evaporator and swamp cooler installation and replacement costs!

Mini Split AC System Installation & Replacement Cost

Mini split AC system installation and replacement costs can vary greatly but tend to lean on the pricier side. Prepare yourself ahead of time by calling us for a free estimate!

Free Heating Estimates

Average Cost of New Boiler Installation & Replacements

The average cost of new boiler installations and replacements can vary depending on factors such as brand and installation company, call McCormick Heating & Cooling to get an accurate estimate.

Average Cost of New Furnace Installation & Replacements

Wondering what the average cost of a new furnace installation or replacement is? Sign up for a free virtual estimate with one of McCormick’s NATE-certified technicians!

Water Heater Installation Estimates -
Gas & Tankless Water Heater Cost

Water heater installation estimates can vary depending on the company, circumstances, and brand. Gas and tankless water heater costs tend to be a bit higher than those with a tank.

Water Heater Installation Estimates -
Hot Water Tank Replacement Cost

Call ahead to get a free water heater installation estimate. By the time your free, virtual consultation is over, we will be able to provide an accurate estimate on a hot water tank replacement cost!

Cost of Heat Pump Replacements & New Installations

You would be surprised at how much the cost of heat pump replacement and new installations can range! Call us ahead of time to set your expectations and prepare yourself for costs.

Air Quality - Free HVAC Quotes

Duct Work
Installation & Replacement Costs

For an accurate estimate on duct work installation and replacement costs, call McCormick Heating & Cooling. These prices vary depending on a number of factors such as house size, existence of old ducts, and your goal!

Cost to Install or Replace Home Humidifier

In the grand scheme of HVAC costs, the cost to install or replace a home humidifier is relatively lower compared to other HVAC equipment. Call today and let McCormick help you decide if a whole house humidifier is right for your home.

New Gas Lines & Gas Line Installation Cost

New gas lines and gas line installation costs will vary from house to house. Schedule a free virtual estimate to identify future costs and start saving up for your new project.

HVAC UV Light Installation and Replacement Cost

Need an estimate on UV light installation and replacement costs? Call our NATE-certified technicians for a fair and accurate estimate!

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