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Located just North of Denver, Westminster is known for its vibrant shopping centers and many local historic landmarks. According to the City of Westminster, nearly 118,000 people call this bustling city home. It has come a long way since the buffalo herds ran wild here!

Westminster Air Conditioning and Furnace Services

At McCormick, we offer a full range of services. From air conditioning maintenance in the warm summers to the much-needed furnace services in the windy Winters - our HVAC professionals are able and willing to get the HVAC job done effectively and efficiently. We know that AC and furnace repairs seldom come at the 'right' time. We offer 24-hour emergency HVAC services to residents of Westminster. Call us at any time and we will be there for you - and we are sure to exceed your expectations, too!


Repair or Replace Your AC or Furnace?

Depending on the unit, HVAC system lifespans can vary between 10-25 years. If you’re getting close to the end of your system's life, it is probably time to consider replacing your system. Additionally, you could use the 50% rule from Armstrong Air. When the cost of repairing your unit cost more than 50% of it's worth, it's time to replace your unit! Call us for more information.

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Call the professionals at McCormick if you want an HVAC installation or repair service done right. We are communicative, efficient, and affordable!

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