Need a Greeley Boiler Technician?

Need a Greeley Boiler Technician?

If you have an older home or commercial business, chances are at one point you’ll need a Greeley Boiler Technician. Call McCormick Heating & Cooling for experience you can trust: (970) 785-1711.

Before modern HVAC systems, residential homes were more commonly heated with boilers. In a home with a boiler system, the system boils the water, producing steam. The steam is then pumped through a house via coils and radiators. Though they are considered the more expensive system to install, they cost a little less to operate.

Boiler systems are great ways to heat your home

If you have one, especially in an older home, consider yourself lucky. These systems commonly last 20-30 years and are more effective at heating a house or business. HVAC systems have a lifespan of about 15 years. Boilers heat a home more comfortably because furnaces are known to dry out the air. But boilers do not support air conditioning systems, which is why most modern homes are equipped with the higher technology HVAC systems. Because of the prevalence of HVAC systems in modern homes, it may be hard to find a Greeley boiler technician who truly understands the issues that can be associated with boiler systems.

Count on McCormick Heating & Cooling for your Greeley boiler technician expertise

At McCormick Heating & Cooling, we train our technicians specifically to handle any problem with your heating and cooling systems. While we can service equipment that is several years old, like a good old boiler system, we also are all trained in the most up-to-date technology. Our technicians are all EPA and NATE certified and they are always prepared to offer friendly, helpful service.

Affordable heating and air conditioning repair still has a cost associated with it and problems almost always come at the worst time. As an added service to our customers, McCormick Heating & Cooling does offer financing. You can apply for credit online here.