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McCormick Heating and Cooling is your neighbor for Wellington HVAC services. We can repair, install and maintain all makes of heating and cooling systems. Wellington, which is northeast of Fort Collins, is renowned for its peace and family-friendly atmosphere.  

Only 12,000 people, according to the Town of Wellington, reside in this tiny town. Wooly mammoth remains were found by a construction crew in Wellington when they were constructing houses nearby, and the location has since become a well-known excavation site for them. Today, Wellington is renowned for its small-town atmosphere and its citizens’ love of biking. We take great pride in providing  

Wellington residents and business owners with high-quality HVAC services. Visit our page for details on energy rebates.To get the most life out of your HVAC system, it’s important to choose the right air solutions. The Indoor Air Quality Association claims that regular maintenance of your HVAC system can reduce breakdowns by 95%, which could save you a bundle on your utility bills.  

Should You Repair or Replace Your AC or Furnace? 

Ever wonder when to repair or replace your heating and air conditioning system? If you’re getting close on the average lifespan of your system, then it might be time for a replacement. Armstrong Air dealers have a simple rule of thumb: When the cost of repairs is about 50 percent of the value of your system, it’s time to replace. Check out this guide to energy savings that our equipment provides.  

To keep your HVAC system in great shape, you should change its filters once a month and have it tuned up every year or so. Even with these precautions, though, you can expect to replace it after 10 years for about $3,500 to $5,000. We recommend taking care of your system now so that it lasts as long as possible.  

If you need heating and air conditioning HVAC in Wellington, call McCormick Heating and Cooling. We’re the pros that can get it done.  

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