Heating and Cooling Greeley

When Nathan Meeker brought the first 700 settlers to Greeley in 1870, they were looking for a utopia, but weather never promises perfection. If you live in Greeley, you know just how cold it can get in the winter, especially when the wind starts to blow from the north, or the scorching sun ensures a mass splash into the Cache la Poudre River. If you haven’t experienced the helplessness of your HVAC system crashing in the middle of that heat wave or cold snap, you likely haven’t experienced heating and cooling Greeley.

Our most important appliances can wreak havoc on our wellbeing if they’ve not been properly maintained or have just lived their life spans. When the thermometer hits the weather extremes, it makes heating and cooling Greeley a challenge. 

In a normal year, Greeley temperatures range from 15 degrees to 88 degrees, but the extremes can be a bear. The lowest temperature recorded in Greeley was -45 degrees in February; the hottest was 107 degrees in July, according to WeatherBase.com. Preparation is key. That’s why we hope you’ll contact us: McCormick Heating and Cooling.

Weather extremes challenge heating and cooling Greeley

There’s no telling when those weather extremes will hit. On average, your HVAC system can last 15 years with proper maintenance. But we all know Murphy’s Law: what can go wrong will, and it usually happens to your HVAC when it is taxed in those extremes. No system is full-proof.

Our technicians, EPA and NATE certified, have the expertise to handle your system, old or new, and they will get it done right, working on anything from boilers and garage heaters to forced air, electric or gas furnaces and water heaters.  

Greeley today is made up of more than 105,000 residents — a far cry from those first optimistic Union Colony settlers. In that time, the city has grown from homes with fireplaces and boilers to forced air, electric or gas furnaces. McCormick Heating and Cooling can handle it all, and ensure your system is as efficient as possible to keep your utility rates consistent. 

Mother Nature will test your system, so get prepared. No job is too big for heating and cooling Greeley.  As a trusted local HVAC company, we are your hometown experts working to keep your surroundings comfortable. We pride ourselves in taking care of our neighbors with whom we live, work and play. We’re very proud of taking the best care of our customers: just read our Google Reviews. Our low rates are priced at 15% below the competition to help save you money. We also offer specials on many of our services. Check out our current specials and give us a call today.

McCormick Heating and Cooling is a HVAC company with offices in Greeley and Platville; and serving surrounding areas. W provide expert service for a variety of HVAC equipment, including: AC repair; AC replacement; air conditioners; mini splits; swamp coolers; evaporative coolers; furnace repair; furnace installation; boiler repair; boiler installation; and much more. We can also remove odors, kill germs, mold and viruses; treat mildew, mold, bacteria, viruses; banish dust mite dander, pollen and banish organic/inorganic smoke.

For more information about McCormick Heating and Cooling in Greeley, explore our website: https://mccormickheatingandcooling.com. Our team can be reached at (970) 785-1711.