Greeley Heating and Cooling Company

Greeley Heating and Cooling Company


Greeley’s population has exploded in the last decade, with new homes and subdivisions on every hilltop. If you’re new to Greeley, you may not know about the many choices in a heating and cooling company. Let us narrow it down for you. We are McCormick Heating and Cooling, and we’ve served this area for 15 years. We have built a solid reputation for customer service and HVAC expertise.

We’ve been in this business long enough to know: our most important appliances sometimes are no match for the weather extremes in Greeley. In a normal year, Greeley temperatures range from 15 degrees to 88 degrees, but more than once we’ve been shocked with much more severe. The lowest temperature recorded in Greeley was -45 degrees in February; the hottest was 107 degrees in July, according to Preparation is key. That’s why we hope you’ll contact us.

The one Greeley heating and cooling company to count on

Whether you’ve purchased an older fixer-upper or a newer home, chances are, your HVAC system has been tested — either running for years without trouble, or running constantly to heat or cool the team building your fortress to begin with. There’s no telling when those weather extremes will hit for the next surge that will tax your system. On average, your HVAC system can last 15 years with proper maintenance. But we all know Murphy’s Law: what can go wrong will, and it usually happens to your HVAC when it is taxed in those extremes. No system is full-proof. McCormick professionals will be at your doorstep promptly when emergencies arise.

Our technicians, EPA and NATE certified, have the expertise to handle your system, old or new, and they will get it done right, working on anything from boilers and garage heaters to forced air, electric or gas furnaces and water heaters.

Greeley today is made up of more 105,000 residents, according to World Population Review — a number that has grown steadily since 1960. In that time, the city has grown from homes with fireplaces and boilers to forced air, electric or gas furnaces. McCormick Heating and Cooling can handle it all, and ensure your system is as efficient as possible to keep your utility rates consistent.

McCormick Heating and Cooling can handle the next weather emergency that sits at your new doorstep. We are your hometown experts working to keep your surroundings comfortable. We pride ourselves in taking care of our neighbors with whom we live, work and play. We’re very proud of taking the best care of our customers: just read our Google Reviews. Our low rates are priced at 15% below the competition to help save you money. We also offer specials on many of our services. Check out our current specials and give us a call today.