Electrical Panel Upgrades

For a quality upgrade replacement on your aging electrical panel, rely upon McCormick Heating, Cooling & Electrical. Our skilled and licensed electricians provide complete electrical panel upgrades and replacements to homes and businesses in and around Greeley, Colorado.

When Is It Time to Replace an Electrical Panel?

Do you have a very old electrical panel? An electrical panel can last a long time, much longer than a furnace or a water heater. You should be able to expect a good electrical panel that was installed by a professional electrician to last between 25-40 years.


If you have had appliances newly installed in your home, your electrical panel may need to be upgraded. New appliances typically need more  electricity to work properly. Electrical panels designed for devices made decades ago is not likely sufficient to handle the power needed  by modern appliances.

Do your circuit breakers keep tripping. If you keep having to reset the breaker over again, that is a clear sign it is time for an electrical panel upgrade.


Upgrading a Federal Pacific Electric Panel (FPE)

federal pacific electrical panel upgradeAs many northern Colorado residents of older homes experience, electrical panels from the Federal Pacific Electric Company can cause a lot of problems. This was the common electrical panel installed across the United States from the 1950s to the 80s. During a power surge, Federal Pacific Electric panels have been found to fail 60% of the time. Circuit breakers are supposed to trip to cut off the electricity to prevent a fire. But Federal Pacific breakers did not always shut off the power, causing the panel to overheat and potentially cause a fire.

You don’t have to wait until there is a problem to get your electrical panel replaced. Many homeowners with Federal Pacific breakers choose to be proactive in upgrading their system to a modern, safe electrical panel. While the old panel may continue to work for many years to come, the risk of a potential fire hazard from these old panels is not a risk many people want to take.


Play it Safe with an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Don't leave the safety of your home and family in question. If you have any concerns about your electrical system including the electrical panel, call on McCormick's team of professional Greeley electricians. If you have a Federal Pacific panel or some other problematic issue, we can get you the right panel upgrade to handle your home’s electrical needs.


Safe Electrical Panel Installation

McCormick provides safe and dependable services to Greeley and surrounding towns. We make sure that each job follows all current electrical codes.

For an upgrade to your electrical panel or other electrical work, Call McCormick Heating, Cooling & Electrical at 720-217-4801.


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