Best AC Repair Northern Colorado

Air conditioning is about as old as the automobile, and though your home system may not be quite as old, it’s a sure bet you will eventually need the best AC repair Northern Colorado has to offer through McCormick Heating & Cooling. Book your service today.

It’s hard to believe, but the first home central air conditioning system was installed in a private home in 1914 in Minneapolis, Minn. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that central air was a standard feature in residential homes. And today, easily more than 87 percent of U.S. households have air conditioning.

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Under average demand, most central air units are good for about 12-17 years. Northern Colorado air conditioning units can have a tougher time than most, especially in our hot summers. Average temperatures in July and August are in the high 80s. Often, there are stretches of 95 degrees or more for a couple of weeks. Such stretches can put additional demand on even the best systems.

The best way to maximize your system’s life is to have regular maintenance checks. McCormick Heating & Cooling has been repairing AC units in northern Colorado for 15 years. You can trust our technicians to ensure your system’s long life and warn you of upcoming issues. Here’s a list of services our heating and cooling experts handle daily.

Just like the technological changes we see in today’s automobiles, air conditioning has come a long way. We put our technicians through regular education classes to keep up with emerging technologies. You can count on McCormick Heating & Cooling to get it right and ensure your home’s maximum comfort.